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About the Media Coverage category 1 April 18, 2017
A world without cigarettes? How vaping is disrupting Big Tobacco's plans - The Globe and Mail 2 May 25, 2018
Big Tobacco’s ‘next gen’ evangelists may be just blowing smoke - the post 1 May 25, 2018
National Post: Today's letters on e-cigarettes 1 December 8, 2014
CTV National News Canadian Heart Surgeon Slams E-cigarette Fear Mongering 1 March 10, 2015
Alarm sounded about teen vaping craze 1 February 26, 2017
Toronto Life: E-cigarettes Mainstream Enough For Torontos Yo 1 November 11, 2015
CBC Radio: Proposed Ontario Regulations for Ecigarettes 1 November 11, 2015
Business Vancouver: Local e-cigarette shops wreathed in haze 1 October 20, 2015
Toronto Sun: Heart surgeon convinced of e-cigarette benefits 1 July 24, 2015
Letters to the Editor: Tread carefully in regulating e-cigs 1 May 27, 2015
CNN-IBN Live: 180 Approach Modi to build anti-smoking strate 1 April 14, 2015
CBC: New e-cigarette industry says regulations off the mark 1 April 9, 2015
Full Comment: Jesse Kline and Robyn Urback inhale second-han 1 November 28, 2014
180 Smoke Presentation to Health Canada (HESA) on E-Cig 1 November 27, 2014
HESA Expert Presentation on E-Cigarettes Dr Gopal Bhatnagar 1 November 27, 2014
Global TV National News: E-cigarette Legislation 1 November 24, 2014
CBC National News Report: Proposed E-cigarette Regulations 1 November 24, 2014
CP24: Interview Re: E-cigarettes 1 August 18, 2014

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