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180 Smoke Products Tank Support The Build Bar Whether you're an experienced builder, or just starting to find your way, The Build Bar is the place for you! Share your awesome new build, see others' reviews of rebuildables, or ask questions. The Build Bar is an open space for all things building! Kit Support This category focuses on full kits that include a tank and mod. E-Juice & Nicotine Battery Support Herbal Vape Support Mod Support A mod refers to the bottom part of the device (typically), that has the battery, electronic chips (for safety and control) and some times screen display. A mod either has a replaceable bettery, or a build in battery.
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About the Product Support category 1 September 29, 2016
My clouds are suddenly much smaller, yet the battery is full 3 November 29, 2019
Suorin Air Not Hitting 12 November 16, 2019
My Smok Mag vape wont fire 11 November 1, 2019
Suorin Air Not Hitting Please Help 2 November 1, 2019
Why Is My Mod Not Working? 4 October 5, 2019
Exchangeable or compatible tanks with kronos sub tf tank 3 September 26, 2019
Sourin air broken need help please! 14 September 9, 2019
Battery/Button issues 7 August 18, 2019
Vape kit not charging 1 August 16, 2019
SMOK Stick V8 Baby not charging 19 August 11, 2019
Is battery knackered 1 August 7, 2019
SMOK Stick V8 kit not charging after replacing coil 6 August 7, 2019
Coils 2 July 30, 2019
Mig vapor sub herb 3 July 30, 2019
Vape tasting burnt all the time the machine is new not happy as don't understand whu 2 July 19, 2019
Battery cartridge won't connect 3 July 17, 2019
I need help with my sigelei etiny plus 1 July 16, 2019
Mig vapor sub herb and aspire archon box mod low resistance won't fire? 1 July 4, 2019
Bought brand new T-priv 3 online won't turn on lights will flash screen won't turn on 2 June 29, 2019
Mod was knocked over on table, now it won’t even turn on 1 June 28, 2019
Smok Majesty won't power on 7 June 16, 2019
Smoke alien 220w batteries work but won't turn need help 2 May 21, 2019
Suorin Vagon Coil is Stuck 1 May 4, 2019
My Smok Mag keeps randomly turning off when I hit it 4 April 18, 2019
Paranormal DNA 250C mod smokes while screwing on tank 1 April 17, 2019
Siri on air blinking after hit 2 March 8, 2019
Smok mag 225w not turning on 3 February 7, 2019
Sourin Drop light not turning on 2 January 24, 2019
Sourin Air issue 2 January 24, 2019

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