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Frequently Asked Questions - Orders 1 February 11, 2017
Restriction d’age 2 August 30, 2018
When Will My Online Order Arrive? 1 January 27, 2017
I Ordered Using BitPay. Why Is My Order Still "Pending Payment"? 1 April 3, 2018
Receiving Online Orders 2 February 23, 2018
Prepaid gift cards 2 February 7, 2018
Paying with Paypal for vape, e-juice and e-cigarette? 2 July 14, 2017
Why Is My 180 Smoke Discount Code Not Working? 1 January 27, 2017
What Payment Methods Can I Use For Online Orders? 1 January 17, 2017
HELP! Does it say vaporizer on your parcel packaging? 2 April 25, 2017
Can I Place An Order Over The Phone? 1 March 22, 2017
How Can I Pay By E-interac Using My Bank? 1 February 24, 2017
Can I Check The Status Of My Order? 1 January 17, 2017
Where Will My Order Ship From? 1 January 17, 2017

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