20700 Compatible Battery Chargers



I purchased the new iJoy Captain box mod 2 weeks ago, and quickly discovered the 20700 battery cells did not fit in my old Nitecore I2 charger - bay is too short.

The “NEW” Nitecore I2 and I4 chargers DO natively fit the 20700 cells (and larger), and I grabbed an I4. Working perfectly.

Testing on an Efest LUC V4 at work I found they barely fit but scraped against the contacts and was likely to damage the wrap if not the cell itself - I’d strongly advise against using it, or squeezing them into any other bay only meant for the 650mm length.

Have read of some new XTAR models being compatible with the 700mm length as well.


@shivnibble Thanks for taking the time to test this out! It’s hard to know which chargers will fit the 20700 batteries without having them in front of you.


They BARELY fit in the D2 and D4, but that’s at the fullest extension and you’ve got to be careful to avoid damage. I’d recommend the NEW I2 and I4 over anything else - not worth the risk to damaging the cells or injuring myself.


Some of the NEW I2 and I4 boxes list the 20700 as compatible and some don’t but I’ve tested and they are the same size. Packaging just predates release of the batteries.