5 Countries That Have Banned Vaping



If you don’t travel very often, there might be something you hadn’t thought about: different countries have different rules about vaping.

Now, we know this sounds silly. We hear about new regulations in the media all the time, from the UK’s TPD rules to the USA’s FDA requirements. But have you considered other countries’ laws surrounding the act of vaping?

In specific countries, being caught vaping or even just being in the possession of an e-cigarette could lead to serious consequences. So if you’re a vaper thinking about travelling the world, it might be best to avoid these five countries.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong isn’t a likely destination with a vaping ban, since most e-cigarettes are produced just north of it China. However, their previous lax regulations led even young children to begin vaping, which sparked a complete ban on the import, sale and even possession of nicotine-containing e-cigarette products. Defying these laws will likely stick you with a hefty fine or prison time.

2. Singapore

Singapore is also known for having strict laws on e-cigarette products, but this extends to all products, whether they contain nicotine or not. Strangely enough, this ban also includes nicotine patches. Similar to Hong Kong, violations of these rules can lead to fines or imprisonment.

3. United Arab Emirates

The UAE has placed a ban on the import and production of e-cigarette products, but what about personal possession? Well, it seems that some vaping travellers have had some issue bringing their personal devices into the country, having their gear confiscated at the border, or enduring harsher penalties. Either way, Dubai is not the place to go if you’re looking for a vaper’s paradise.

4. Argentina

Though it’s a bit less strict, Argentina still prohibits the importation and sale of e-cigarette products. However, fellow travellers have reported that personal devices are generally okay carry and use. Still, it’s best to be cautious; don’t be surprised to see a few strange looks your way, though, as vaping is not something that Argentinians see every day.

5. Brazil

Like Argentina, Brazil has observed a ban on the production and sale of e-cigarette products since 2014, but others have said that they’ve brought their own vape and e-liquid into the country without any issues. It would be best to be alert, though, since Brazilians may look at e-cigarettes with contempt and there is a possibility of confiscation.

Do you know of any other countries where vaping isn’t allowed? Let your fellow vapers know in the comments below?