7 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Vape



There are a lot of benefits to upgrading your vape device. Whether your vaping habits have changed over time, or just looking for something new, there are a few things you’ll want to think about before you buy. We’ve come up with 7 important considerations that you should think about when upgrading your e-cigarette.

1. Why are you upgrading?

The first thing you’ll want to think about is why you want or need a new device. Is it because your old one’s performance is starting to decline? Are you unhappy with the amount of vapour or battery life you’re getting from it? Or are you just on the market for something different?

Taking the time to consider why you want a new vape will help you determine which features or details you should be looking for.

2. Do you need to replace the whole kit?

If you’re unhappy with the performance of your current e-cigarette, you actually might not have to replace the entire thing. Think about which parts you’re unhappy with.

Does the tank not produce enough vapour or the airflow is too tight/loose? Perhaps the battery in your mod dies out too quickly, or it doesn’t have enough wattage capacity for your liking.

In cases like these, you might be able to switch out the tank or mod, respectively, in order to achieve the performance you’re looking for.

3. Mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung?

With tanks or full kits, an important consideration is whether you prefer a mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung style tank.

This is completely subjective and depends on your vaping style.

A mouth-to-lung tank will provide you with a smaller amount of denser vapour, normally with a more restrictive draw. Generally, mouth-to-lung tanks don’t require a lot of wattage, and are known to more closely simulate the experience of smoking a cigarette. Since mouth-to-lung tanks produce less vapour and require lower wattages, e-liquid with higher nicotine concentrations can be used.

Direct-to-lung tanks are known for requiring more wattage and larger airflow openings, creating a larger volume of vapour. These tanks are a great option for someone who is looking for a loose, hookah-style vapour with a strong throat hit. Because of the increased vapour production created from higher wattage settings, it’s best to use lower nicotine strength e-liquids in direct-to-lung tanks.

4. Internal or external battery?

Internal battery mods are generally simple, as they are permanently installed into the device and cannot be replaced. The downside of this simplicity is that once the permanent battery cell begins to decline in its ability to hold a charge, you are not able to get it back to its original performance by changing the battery. Internal battery mods generally have an average lifespan of 6–12 months before a drop in charge/performance is noticeable.

However, in mods that require external battery cells, this problem does not occur. Once a cell begins to decline, it can be removed and replaced. On the other hand, external battery mods will require the purchase of one or more battery cells initially, and replacement cells as time goes by. But this does increase the potential lifespan of the mod, since new battery cell(s) can bring it back to its original performance.

5. What wattage capacity?

Another thing to consider when looking at mods or kits is the total wattage capacity it has. Essentially, this is the highest power that the device can be set to. When matching a mod to a tank, you’ll want to ensure that the mod has enough wattage to adequately heat the coil of the tank, and perhaps have a bit of capacity left over to allow for a longer battery charge.

For example, if the tank you are looking at has coils that require a wattage range between 30–70 watts, you would want to go for a mod with a wattage capacity of 70 watts or above. A mod that caps out at 100 watts or higher would be even more optimal for extra battery charge throughout the day.

6. Does portability matter?

Do you vape mostly at home, or are you looking for a device that you can carry around with you? This is crucial when it comes to purchasing a new vape, since what you’re wanting to do with your vape can dictate the size and shape you should be looking for.

If you usually find yourself vaping in one specific place (e.g., at home), having a heavy or bulky device is perfectly fine. But that same device might become a hassle if you were wanting to carry it in your pocket or purse.

Small, compact devices tend to be best when it comes to portability. But because of their size, battery and tank capacity can be compromised, requiring more charging and refilling throughout the day.

There are also vape kits available that fit somewhere in the middle—they’re small enough to carry around easily, but also have enough battery life and tank space to get you through an outing.

Think about your needs and what kind of device would best fit your lifestyle.

7. Do you need extra features and capabilities?

Although this might not apply to all vapers, features and capabilities of the device (or lack thereof) might play a role in which device would suit you best.

Are you looking for a device with variable wattage and temperature control? Would you like features on your device like a puff counter, temperature curve, clock or even games? Does a kit with upgradeable firmware for increased wattage and extra features appeal to you? Is the ability to build your own coils important to you? Perhaps only some, or even none, of these extras really matter to you at all, and you’d prefer a simpler e-cigarette without all the bells and whistles.

The style and amount of features on a device does generally affect the overall price, and so it’s a good thing to keep in mind when deciding on an upgrade.

No matter the reason you’re looking to upgrade your vape, it’s best to keep these considerations in your back pocket. Doing your research and examining your needs realistically is the best way to make sure you get a device that works for you.

Did we miss anything? What are some things you think about when purchasing a new device?