9 Celebrities Who've Switched To Vaping




1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Viewed as one of the most well-known vapers in the entertainment industry, Leo isn’t afraid to display his e-cig proudly at award shows and other elite events—it’s probably also why he’s been featured in so many vape memes, positive and negative.


2. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is the epitome of a trend-setter. Shown here with e-cigarette in hand, Depp seems to be at the forefront of the vape movement as well.

3. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has been an advocate of vaping since its inception. After showcasing her cig-a-like on The David Letterman Show back in 2010, it seems that she’s graduated to a more powerful device.

4. Jack Nicholson

A major part of Nicholson’s image involves cigarettes or cigars, so seeing him trade the tobacco in for an e-cigarette is a little surprising to be honest. Good on you, Jack!


5. Katy Perry

KP is another star who’s left cigarettes behind for a vape. Previously a regular smoker, she’s now seen toting a vape instead.

6. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t just vape for show. He’s actually been seen carrying a bunch of different devices, including this monster mod.

7. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has admitted to smoking clove cigars in order to cope with the stress and anxiety of her career. But as you can see from this photo, she’s taken to vaping instead of burning. Good call, Gaga!

8. Zac Efron

Zac Efron has been known to play vaping characters on the big screen, like in his role in the film Bad Grandpa. But it looks like it’s followed him off-screen as well, as you can see from this more candid shot above.

9. Laura Prepon

Prepon garnered a lot of attention in the past few years with her role as Alex Vause in Orange is the New Black. Although she hasn’t publicly mentioned using e-cigarettes, she can be seen holding one in the photo above.

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