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I would love to own that beautiful blue device. It would be my everyday vape that I would carry and show off to all my friends.


These mods look great and I’d love to own one


I would like to win because I currently have no vape device. I had one. It quits working. I bought another and someone stole it. I haven’t been able to replace it yet. This would be nice and greatly appreciated. Thank you


Love 180 website and watching the content i am in love this community and be with it for long time in future becuase they are genuine and gives the exact thing we want.


I would take her to every occasion because it is so handy and has a great style. I think this box is really cool!


I so very much would love the Blue one…one of 2 things would happen if i were to be so lucky…1. it would be my perm device for when i have to go to doctor appointments or 2. which i feel this is the more then likely to what this gift would go to…i would send it to my ex-wife so i know that she would have a very solid set up to have the very best chance to quit smoking, which in turn would benefit my 3 children i have with her as well as my oldest step son and my ex’s youngest child that she had with her new love of her life…with her no longer smoking like she does now with all those thousands of nasty chemicals sticking to her clothes or in the air of there home or worse yet stinking up my childrens clothes as well from those stinky sticks from my ex…i think that would be the best place for your product …i really hope you can help me to make that a reality would be not only life saving but better health for kids that an all around win for real…fingers crossed for sure my ex fore my kids and a big relief off my mind know that my kids will be just that better off…THANK YOU a million times over for this chance …Real Talk… \m/


This would be an epic way to possibly save another life. I have Vaped forward many devices to others, and now they are no longer smokers. It not only makes me feel good to see that someone with a 30+ year smoking habit completely change to being a vaper, but I’m also the coolest old lady at bingo! Yes, I even have elderly friends vaping now, which is unheard of in the small community I live in. Thank you for this opportunity to get someone else a chance at a smoke free life!


If I won this beautiful mod I would 1st check to see if any of my vape fam are in need of a mod. I like to pay it forward as much as possible. To keep this for myself well honestly I’m looking for more 1 cell mods due to arthritis and carpal tunnel so this mod sounds amazing and perfect for me. I’m slowly but surely finding ways to get the mods that I’ve won the past to go out to those who I know need them and who like myself are out of work and or disabled. Keeping Vapers vaping and helping Smokers quit 1 life at a time is my goal and passion. Thanks to companies like yours you really help make this possible vs those who end up selling them vs helping vapers or just not entering items they don’t want. THANK U for being so amazing.


This would be a great little device to travel and for on the go. I love the colorful one! Seeet little setup!


If I won the Vzone cultura or Freemax Mesh Pro Kit and 360MLs of Motiv8 E-liquid I would give it to my husband. I started him out on an iStick 20 and a Nautilus mini tank to help him kick the habit, and now I’d like to help him move up. I’m happy to say I’ve been smoke free thanks to vaping for 3 years. After being diagnosed with COPD I knew that I could either quit smoking or stop breathing. I like living, so I chose vaping. Happy to report that my lungs are doing much better, I can sing, exercise, and enjoy activities with my kids again.


I really hope to win. I have not made the switch but I am very intrested in doing so just as soon as I own a vape.


Great giveawy, awesome prizes