Anxiety and insomnia from vaping?


I have smoked for 28 years (pack a day) then made the switch to vaping. I started with an eleaf Icare at 24mg nic. After a month I switched to a smok v8 stick and went down to 6mg. I was so happy until I started having insomnia and panic attacks. My dr put me on antianxiety sleeping pills. It’s been 3 months and I can’t sleep unmediated. I have googled this and other vapers have the same issue. In fact my neighbor who once advocated vaping, quit due to the same issue. So my question is has anyone experienced this and found a way around it? I don’t want to go back to smoking but I can’t stand living in this drugged state either.


Maybe try lowering your nicotine strength? I had really bad insomnia when I was vaping at 12mg and vaping right before I go to bed. I usually stop vaping about an hour before I go to sleep and it has helped me a lot.


Treat it like a cig, if you have full batteries a full tank and new coils it can potentially be an everlasting cigarette. Limit ur puffs, take about 10 hits or so, with 4 second spaces in between minimum. I’ve had a problem of sitting in my bed constantly hitting high 20mg nic and not being able to sleep, also lowering your wattage might help


I am starting to leave my device at work so that I avoid using nicotine at home. It is really hard at times but generally speaking I can sleep earlier and easier, than before.


I have reduce nic to 1.5, and do not vape after 7pm ( bedtime at 11). First night I slept on my own( without meds) but subsequently had issues the next few nights. Make it takes time? Hope I find the answer soon, iam soooo tired. Thank for your response.


Its a v8 smok stick so it doesn’t have adjustments, you just push a button. Thanks for your response. I will pay more attention to how often I vape.


Sounds like a good idea. I dont vape before bed anymore (4 hours) and iam hoping that helps.


It will take time for your body to readjust, when I stop taking sleeping medication, it took me almost a month for my body to be able to get back to a normal sleeping schedule. The best advice I have from experiences, is to cut down nicotine, caffeine and stay as stress free as possible.


Trouble sleeping isn’t usually related to caffeine or nicotine, but they don’t help. I find stress to be the #1 reason why I have trouble sleeping. When I’m stress-free I could drink 3 coffee cups before bed and still fall asleep within 30 minutes. If I am stressed I need to stay away from stimulants, because I’ll start overthinking everything and the next thing I know is that it’s 3am and I’ve been looking at the ceiling for hours.

Try to find the source of your stress and deal with it if possible (which is easier said than done).


HI…hope everything is well with your panic attacks. Sharing my experience, I have smoked for 27 years. I quit ciggies in sept 2015 and switched to vaping. First panic attack happens in Feb 2016. It gradually gotten worse till Sept 2016 when I quit vaping completely. I was on benzo(s) the whole time ever since my panic attacks started in feb 2016. I changed to various config, lower wattages, no more fancy fused claption builts, 100% VG (save for PG in the flavor) or vice versa max PG, cut down to 3 mg nic…nothing works, the panic attacks continue and it gotten worse till I quit completely. It has been 1 year plus since then, I’m gradually cutting down on my medications. Knowing that this would happen, I would not have started vaping.


I am Danielle, and I am Proud using Marijuana. by smoking and by healing. I used it as an alternative med for my sleeping disorder and sometimes in my back pain. It really works for me, especially in my sleeping problem. I can’t sleep 2 nights straight but when my friend suggested me to try this as my alter med, It really reliefs me. I can now even sleep for 8 hours straight every night. And of course, doing some research, I came across this article because I am planning to plant mine.