Battery Charge?




Not sure if I am understanding this right but my cloud maker nano seems to be charged (when it dies I plug it in with the green light and unplug when the light disappears). I recently noticed that when I take a pull the green light will blink - so I assume its not charged. But when I plug it in the green light doesn’t turn on. Anyone know what this could mean. I mean it still pulls well as if charged. It just blinks…


Hey @Jordan_Aguiar

It does sound like your battery is fully charged.

Have you had your Cloud Maker Nano for long? When’s the last time you’ve replaced your coil?


Yeah, sounds like the coil may not be connecting.


Definitely try and change your coil and see if it’s happening again. If it’s convenient for you, you’re always free to come in any 180 smoke store and we can take a look for you.