Best Wire For Coil Building? (POLL)



What coil-building wire do YOU think is the best?

  • Kanthal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel
  • Titanium
  • Nichrome
  • Other (let us know in the comments!)

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Ou ou ou now here’s a great topic!
I’ve been building for several months now, watching tutorials daily, and receiving tips and techniques from a wide variety of builders online and on Instagram. You could say I’m highly invested in the hobby of building.
I have found lots of great uses for all different types of wire.
For example;

Nichrome80- Is my absolute most favorite Wire to build with! It heats up very fast and has a lower resistance which allows you to use more aggressive and intricate builds while still keeping your ohms at a good level. It also can look really pretty with lots of colors haha! But that’s just me… Liking Shiney things!

Kanthal- on the other hand doesn’t heat up as fast but is very durable and lasts long. You can use the same coils for a couple months as long as you change your cotton. Which can help keep your cost of vaping down. It has a higher resistance but is easy to work with and will bend and hold its shape very well for you. Will not work in TC mode (Temperature Control)

Titanium- on the other hand is a great Wire if your going to be using TC mode. It has good vapor production and some say it makes great flavour to, and the metal does not create residue compared to other metal types. There is some worry though about titanium dioxide but only when heated to extreme temperatures.

Nickel200- however is probably my least favorite. There is really no advantages at all to this type of wire. It can’t handle high wattage, and if heated to somewhere around 400 degrees Celsius it can create nickel oxide. Personally it has a weird taste as well. I also just find it harder to work with.

Stainless Steel- finally is probably one of my favorites next to nichrome. It can be used safely in both VW mode and TC mode. It is easier to work with and isn’t as ‘springy’ as other Wire. It’s cheaper than titanium and is usually medical grade which means it’s safe and clean to use. However I have learned over the past few months that some older devices do not have a setting for 316L.

These are just a few quick short points about these Wire types and is also just one opinion. I am not claiming to be correct or know everything about metal. It’s just a small glance at what I’ve discovered about the different types of metal used for vaping!
Thanks for reading
Cory Hunter


Great summary of all (or most) of the wire types, Corey! I’m pretty stuck on stainless, but after reading your review on nichrome, I’m thinking it’s time to give it a try!


I’ve stuck with kanthal because of the durability it provides as well as the simplicity to use. I may eventually branch out but I already have so much 36g kanthal to use, and the coils last a long time, so it may be a while.


thats a really good break down @hunterjunior23! i like nichrome for drippers and high wattage RTA’s, and a nichrome/kanthal clapton blend. i usually make my claptons as a blend, while my fused claptons are all nichrome. stainless steel is really nice, but im honestly not a fan, other than when i used it in my Le Mirage by vaponaute. it got stolen sadly, but i have other attys to play with.


I started playing around with some SS and am getting some great pics but the lower resistance is messing with me solidly. This dual 6 wraps at 3mm of 2 x 26 + 36 came out at .109. With kanthal I’d expect it closer to .2!