Bill S-5 Aims To Put Heavy Restrictions On Vaping In Canada



In November 2016, the Canadian Government put forth Bill S-5, a legislation aiming to put restrictions on vaping in order to dissuade minors and non-smokers from using e-cigarettes.

However, because of the types of restrictions being outlined in the Bill, vapers and manufacturers of e-cigarette products will be undoubtedly be affected, as flavours that “appeal to youth” will likely be prohibited, including candy, dessert, and soda flavourings.

Bill S-5 is still awaiting Royal Assent, but the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) is wasting no time in taking action against the passing of this legislation. In a report by the CCF, the benefits of vaping for current and former smokers is outlined, as well as the lack of evidence that e-cigarettes lead teens and non-smokers to take up analog cigarettes.

You can hear more about this topic in the video below.


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