Breeze 2 Loose Pod


I have a Breeze 2 and the latch for the pods don’t hold anymore. Is it just a “me thing” or is it just a general problem the breeze2 have? It still fires and everything; I just have to hold down the pod if I so want it to. Moreover is there a way to fix it myself or do I have to contact Aspire?


I’ve seen people have this issue with the breeze 2 a few times. I feel like it could be caused from dropping the device or from heavy use, having to constantly refill the pod thus putting more wear and tear on the clips that hold the pod. Another thing I feel like that could help to prevent this issue is holding the two side buttons on the device when putting the pod back into the device instead of just putting the pod in and having the clips catch the pod itself. If the pod is put in to hard without holding the two side buttons on the device I feel like it could possibly bend or break the clips over time.


This happened to not one, but two Breeze 2 kits for me. It seems that the plastic prongs start to bend after a while of use. I still use both kits, but you have to use your thumb and forefinger to press the pod down onto the connector, otherwise the coil won’t connect.