Buy/Sell/Trade Your Vape Stuff!



In this category, you can post anything you want to sell, trade or buy, vape related! All we ask is that you follow the guidelines.

Selling: If you are posting items for sale, please use the word “SALE” in the topic line, as well as the price you are asking. If an item is sold, please mark “SOLD: (product you want to Sell)” at the beginning of the topic title.

Buying: If you are looking to buy a used item, please use the topic line “ISO: (product you want to buy)” to clearly communicate to others what it is you are looking for. ISO stands for “In Search Of”. Once you have found the item, you can edit ISO with "CLOSE: (product you want to buy ".

Trading: For trade, please use the word “TRADE” in the topic line, indicate what item you are looking to trade, and which item(s) you are willing to trade for.

Stay Safe

For your safety, please do not publicly post any personal details such as your name, address, or other identifying information.

Please NEVER use damaged looking products, chipped batteries, or if the product gets uncontrollably hot with moderate use.

*180 Smoke Vape Store is not responsible for any items bought, sold or traded by individuals in this forum. We are enabling this in the spirit of recycling, re-use and more people getting a chance to go 180!