Can I Use Tobacco In My Herbal Vaporizer?



It is not recommended to use tobacco in herbal vaporizers for several reasons.

###1. Vaporizing tobacco can damage the device

Considering the fact that tobacco contains tar and other residue-producing chemicals, vaporizing it will leave the nasty remnants of the tobacco in the chamber of the device. This is similar to smoking “poppers”, which is a tobacco and marijuana mixture, leaving behind gunk that would be difficult, if not impossible, to clean from the device.

###2. You’re still inhaling toxins

Although you do avoid some intake of carcinogens by vaporizing, using tobacco in a herbal vaporizer does not reduce the ingestion of more than 4000 chemicals found in tobacco products. These devices are meant for herbal substances (e.g., marijuana) that do not contain chemicals or additives.

###3. Vaporizing tobacco defeats the purpose of vaping at all

Since using tobacco in a herbal vaporizer does nothing to reduce the risk of smoking itself, there is ultimately no reason to be vaporizing. An alternative to this could be using an e-liquid vaporizer that contains nicotine. This cuts out both the ingestion of carcinogens and chemicals while still delivering nicotine to the body (if you so choose).