Can't charge Stick X8



I’ve had my Stick X8 for a few months now, and have never had a problem with it. For about a week or so now, its had this problem with charging. I plug it in and the light comes on solid for a few seconds, but then it starts blinking. The strange thing though that I have not seen any other posts mention, is that the light blinks and does not stop. The light will blink several times per second for hours on end. Basically as long as I have it plugged in for. When this happens, it does not charge. Occasionally I get lucky and it doesn’t happen and I’m able to charge it, but that’s starting to happen less. I’ve tried switching coils, tightening and loosening both the coil and tank, and have tried other chargers, both connected to a PC and to a wall block. Can someone please tell me what is happening?
Edit: Another thing also worth noting is that the vape doesn’t seem to hold charge very well now, either.


Maybe Try changing the USB cord?
Are you charging the device over night? Usually with built it battery devices, the battery life would decrease if you charge it overnight.


I’ve tried three different cords; two that I own and another from a kiosk at work, and the problem persists with all three. And yes, I did charge it overnight. I expected that might be what caused the battery life change, but there’s still the problem of the blinking. Another thing that I’ve been noticing is that occasionally, it will blink for a few seconds then the light will get really dim and slowly brighten back up, then resume blinking.


The light blinking indicated that the device is not able to connect to charge the device, sometime that happens when the cord or the charging port is not making a full connection. If changing the cord doesn’t fix the issue then unfortunately you would have to replace the device, but you can unscrew the tank and put it on another one.

I would recommend getting a mod/device that not a built in battery mod, this way is the charging port does stop working then you can use a external battery charger instead.


If the condition for this thing is going that far south, then it may be time to finally upgrade into something a little higher tech than a stick… Would you happen to have any affordable recommendations?


Both great options for ya


Those are alright, but I’m looking to upgrade FROM a stick. I’m thinking about one of those boxes with the display and changeable wattage.


I would recommend ASmodus Colossal for single battery mod, or voopoo drag for dual batteries mod.