Cigarettes are the Real Culprits



Vapers should not be made to feel the shame that was associated with the stigma of being a cigarette smoker. Etiquette is good when vaping in public and around minors of course, but schools should educate their students on what vaping really means and how it is helping adults leave cigarettes. Parents should be talking to their children, so they know that it isn’t something fun to do, it’s a tool to help them potentially quit cigarettes and eventually nicotine altogether.

I had a high school teacher from a prominent school here in Buffalo, NY come into the store to find out more information about vaping. Many of her students were vaping and she wanted to educate herself on the matter. I don’t even think she knew that they must be 18+ to buy these products (not sure if her students are even old enough). But she took the initiative to learn everything I could teach her. Side Note: The new website looks great and very informative right off the bat, which will help new vapers greatly.

I am not sure how much safer vaping is compared to smoking cigarettes, but I hear so many older adults tell me they can breathe again, they can taste again, and they feel so much better after they switched to vaping.


I agree. Good on that teacher for taking time out of their busy schedule to educate themselves on vaping. Great post!


Thank you! Indeed it was good of her to stop in and ask questions. If more people would do that then there wouldn’t be such a stigma associated with vaping. And perhaps if more people got involved and understood how this is helping people then maybe they wouldn’t be attacking flavors.


Great post!


Very inspiring post!! Keep up the great work!