Cloud maker nano hard to pull


I bought the cloud maker nano a few months ago with the idea that I would use it as a reduce smoking tool. It’s been GREAT! I love it.

Problem is, recently the pull on it got really hard. I really need to take a really strong pull on it to get it to work. I changed the coil on it and charged the battery and that didn’t work. Is there something that I’m missing?


How are you charging the battery? Are you charging it over night? Unfortunately the cloud maker nano battery is low mah, they tend to only 3-6 months before you need to do a upgraded on a battery.
180 Smoke does have a 90 days warranty on the cloud maker series, so if it’s within the 90 days, they can exchange the battery for you. All they need is the receipt or if you have a loyalty card, they can pull up your transactions through that.


180 Smoke does offer a 90 day warranty on our cloud maker products. It sounds like your battery has weak voltage, and is almost at the end of its lifetime since you’ve had it for a few months. You did all of the correct troubleshooting I would recommend. If your device isn’t under warranty, you can purchase a new battery for it from 180 Smoke for only $14.95! You could always pick up an extra back up battery too.


Few things may be happening if its harder to pull:

  • Battery is dying (especially if it has been over 6-12 months and you do not maintain optimal charging pattern

  • The airflow is blocked by dust. Look for tiny airflow at the bottom of the tank and use a pin type object to clean it

  • Your battery is too tightly screwed into the clearomizer tank and that is causing airflow to not be optimal (combined with dust and gunk over time). Just unscrew the battery a tiny bit.


Hi Ash,
Just wanted to comment and say that the airflow is located in the coil on the cloud maker nano, so changing the coil would solve the issue if the airflow was plugged by dust or gunk. That being said, being aware of where the airflow is located is beneficial to ensure that it isn’t being covered by fingers while vaping.