CloudMaker +PLUS Battery issue



My variable voltage battery recently stopped working, when I plug it in to charger the battery does the standard three blink then off sequence but the charger light remains solid green. When not in the charger the button on the battery does not cause the battery button to light up, nor does clicking the button 5 times to turn it on/off have any function.

Prior to this it was working, I had removed the tank and left it on the garage shelf for a week. When I went to use it next this was the result.


@douglasgwood If your battery was working fine before this, then I would think that there may be something blocking the connection between the battery and the charger, preventing the battery from charging. Take a look at the connectors of each, and try cleaning them either with a tissue or cotton swab.


I cleaned them till they sparkled but still the same result. The battery flashes three times when I screw it in making me think some sort of connection is working.


@douglasgwood I’ve had this happen with my pen batteries as well before. How long have you had the battery? Is there any corrosion on the charger?


I’ve had it a year, I do not see any visible corrosion the contacts seem quite glossy after cleaning.


@douglasgwood A year is quite some time for a pen battery. I wonder if it was on it’s way out…

I had one pen battery whose pin got pushed down a bit, and it did something similar to what you’re describing. Like it would recognize the charger, but not actually charge. Try seeing if you can pry the inner pin up a bit with a toothpick or flat head screwdriver, but only gently. It might just have trouble making connection.


I had done that as well based on another forum I read, I can feel the pin make contact as there is resistance while I screw it into the charger.


@Trusted Anyone else have any ideas?


Did you happen to try using the battery with a different tank or maybe after changing the coil?


I do not have a spare tank to use, but I put in a fresh coil when I started it back up.
However I cannot get the charging light on the charger to go red from green when I put the battery in it.


Given the information I have read from this thread and my personal experience using batteries and vape pens. Your battery is considered a “dead cell”.

Basically voltage aka the charge has gone below its threshold and will no longer take a charge. Its a simple issue that we face in our daily lives for e.g. car batteries.

I would suggest its time to get a new vape, something with a replaceable battery.


Thanks, I suspected as much but wanted to be sure before spending the $$.


It may not be the battery that is the source of the problem, although it is highly likely. It may actually be the charger for the device, as I replace these frequently in store. I would say try charging it on a different charger just to be sure it is actually the battery rather than the charger. If this doesn’t solve the issue it is most definitely the battery that is causing the issue and it is now a “dead cell”.