Coil connection problems


So I copped the smok g150 just yesterday and it was working sickeningly until it started leaking. I’ve had leaking problems before so I took advice from some buddies and tucked the coil wires in like I usually do, I replaced some of the seals and bands. I have no clue what I did differently this time but the screen says “no coil” and doesn’t hit. I’ve tried tweaking the wires back to their original placement and checking the connection to the atomizer. Any advice or fixes?


I recommend changing the coil, as the device isn’t reading the coil anymore, which would relate to you tucking in the wire. As for the leaking, what kind of tank are you using and are you using within the wattage range of the coil?


Okay yeah, my first thought when it wasn’t reading anymore was to just switch to the other coil in the kit. I have the big baby TFV8 tank on top and the Q2 coil in, and this is the third kit I’ve been through that’s had the tank leaking problems. I’m pretty new to vaping and the local stores around me are pretty poor on customer service and won’t help without a price. Is there something I’m doing wrong/I can change to prevent all the leakage?


The SMOK Q2 has a wattage range of 20watts - 50watts, best at 20watts - 30watts. If you push under that range then the coil would get over saturated and it would leak, if you push over that range then it would burn out the coil and it would leak. (The wattage range would be engraved on the side of the coil.)

Another thing could be that your ejuice is too thin for the tank, with the baby beast tank, you want to vape on juice that is at least 70VG (vegetable glycerin) 30 PG (propylene glycol). If the juice ratio is lower than that then the coil would be over saturated because it’s too thin for the coil.


Okay thank you so much for the help