Coil Master Build Kit Unboxing and Review




There’s 3 version of the coil master kit, the one in the review is version 3. The difference between Version 3 (V3) and the other versions, is the case, Version 3 includes the t-styled Hex screwdriver and the 521 mini tab.
The T-styled hex screwdriver is a great addition to the coil master kit as a lot of RDA, RDTA, or RTA now uses HEX screws, of course most RDA, RDTA or RTA will include the HEX screw driver as well.
The 521 mini tab not only reads the ohm of the coils but it also has a setting that able to pulse the coils for you, its a great building station if you don’t want to use your mod.The mini tab also uses a 18650 so you don’t need to find AAA batteries like the previous ohm reader in the previous kits. Unfortunately the mini tab can’t pulse any coils that reads under a 0.1ohm, this is a con if you are an advanced builder that like building staggered fused, alien, etc.
The coil jig is a really useful tool for wrapping basic coils, it makes the process a lot faster compare to the old school screwdriver. The coil master kit offers different metal stem for the jig so that you can create different diameter sizes of coils fitted for your deck. The sizes of the metal stem is on the bottom/top of the stem (45,40,30,25,20,15).
1 con of the V3 coil master kit is the elastic bands that hold that tweezers, cutter and pliers, the elastic bands will wear out faster as the tools are sharp and it will damage the bands over time. Its also a lot of more difficult to put away those tools compare to the V2 coils master kit.
I personally own 2 of version 2 of the coils master kit (one for work and one for home) and would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to start building coils or anyone looking for an all-in-one kit. I have 1 of the V2 kit for over 2 years now and it just recently I have to replace the wire cutter from the abuse I have put it through.