I really needsome help i got a smok alien 220 as a gift im very new to vaping but other then the 2 coils i recieved with it i cant seem to find the right replacement coils i went to my local vape shop and showed my device and he sold me a few of what he said was the correct coil so then i went online and ordered another couple of packs the coils on them do say same thing as what the coils that came with the device say 0.4Q
55-65w And there 6omns keep in mind i no nothing about this when I put them in my device its saying oms too low and vape wont work have spent a small fortune on coils i went thru the whole 2 packs none work someone please help me thank u


Hey @Frankie

The coils you’re looking for can be found here:

Any of the variations should work in the tank that comes with the SMOK Alien 220W kit. If you’re already using these coils, and it’s still giving you the same error message (after trying a couple of different ones), then it’s likely that there’s an issue with the connection, and I’d recommend getting in contact with the store you purchased from to have it checked out.