Cutting Nicotine Support Thread



Is anyone here attempting to go no-nic in the near future? I was just looking around on here and realized that there isn’t really a specific thread where we can talk about the process of going 0mg and support each other as it’s happening.

Anyone else want to join the club? I’d like to be completely off of nicotine by the end of August (trying to set realistic goals here). Let’s help each other :slight_smile:


I want to cut out nicotine but I haven’t set a goal date. I’ll make mine august with you Melissa! I’ve been using 3mg for a year now and its time that I kick the habit. I’ll post more about my journey. I don’t think it will be easy and nicotine is my stress relief and current best friend but it’s time for us to break up.


Yay! I’m not alone!


Do you think I should pick up a bottle of 1.5mg or start diluting my 3mg with 0mg?


Hmmm… That would depend a lot on your vaping habits and the device you’re using I guess. Personally I would start by diluting, and increase the 0mg as you go (that way if you’re really struggling you can always make it a bit stronger).

Maybe try out both methods and find out which you prefer? We’re still a while away from the end of August.


Good idea. I’ll try both methods, starting with diluting and let you know how it goes!


I think I’ll start on 1.5mg in a couple weeks as well.


So because flavours that come in 1.5mg are limited, I’ve started getting my flavoured liquids in 0mg and spiking them with a tiny bit of Crystal Clear 6mg. I think I’ll do this for a couple of weeks, and then switch down to a few drops of 3mg Crystal Clear. Hopefully after that I can vape 0mg straight and not feel antsy.


I definitely feel you with the angst. I have found that I’ve gotten into more of a routine to help manage my cravings as I reduce my nicotine. For example, my vape is always fully charged and filled before I commute to and from work to ensure my vape is ready on my long stressful drive. Before hand, this wasn’t too much of a concern for me.