Diacetyl and Other Chemical Concerns



The other day a young woman and her friends entered the store. She wanted to switch to vaping, but only wanted a mod that was made in America. She had this notion that if it was made anywhere else it would cause “popcorn lung” a.k.a. bronchiolitis obliterans. I had read up on this prior and I informed her of what causes the popcorn lung effect, which is diacetyl that is added to some flavors of e-liquids for that buttery taste. She had left without purchasing anything, convinced that it was the mod from China that caused it.

Then I realized that I did not know which brands were free of these chemicals such as diacetyl, acetoin, and acetyl propionyl. I could not even guarantee that our brand was free of such things as I did not know until now. I have searched online for brands and it was very difficult to find ones that were transparent with their ingredients, only about five brands were listed. I, for one, am glad that our e-liquids are chemical free and hope that the rest of the brands we sell are at least on track to becoming free of them soon too. If people are going to quit smoking and switch to vaping, then they should at least have the option of a clean and safe product to vape.


I hear about this all the time. Folks thinking an American or Canadian device is the way to go that won’t have chemicals or won’t explode in their face. The misconception is infuriating but we are here to help, and patience is a must. The media plays a big part in this, they demonize everything! From e-cigarettes to firearms. It is our duty to properly inform and educate the people.


That’s good to know!