E-Jucie tasted like cologne or perfume?



I got a e-juice flavour once and once I put it into my tank and began to vape it tasted like cologne or perfume… why does that happen?



Could be a couple of things.

  1. Your coil wasn’t primed/soaked enough before vaping so you get a kind of bitter taste
  2. The juice wasn’t mixed/steeped enough, so you were getting more of then flavouring than usual
  3. Maybe the juice is just bad? I know I’ve had a few that were just not good in my opinion.


I have heard people describe many e-liquids I enjoy as ‘perfumey’. I think this usually just comes down to different taste buds - some people like a very strong flavour, while other find that level of flavour to be perfumey. I feel as though I hear this more often with more flavourful juice, and straight up fruity flavours.

If you find this to be a problem I would suggest trying out some richer juices as a vanilla or custard base will make the other flavourings less intense. If you still have any juice like this leftover you could always try mixing it with another flavour to try and find something you enjoy.


I’ve had that happen to me exactly two times!

  1. I had a bottle of tobacco flavored juice when I first started vaping. I liked it but it was rather mild. My cat decided he liked it better and hid it under the bed. like 3-4 months later I found it while vacuuming. I was kind of low on juice and it was snowing and didn’t want to drive in the snow to get more. There was about 3/4 left in the bottle so I figured why not? I filled it and was completely shocked. It tasted completely like perfume! I even changed the coil and then tried another tank. Same thing. It was horrible and nothing like it originally tasted.
  2. The second time this happened to me was 4 years later. Actually about 3 months ago. I had the Fried Bananas flavor and I was really a fan of it. I went to the store and bought three more because it’s kind of like an all day vape. I used about 60% of the bottle and then lost it among my 3 million other bottles of half finished juice. I then went on my journey of trying about 60-70 more flavors. I really never found anything that I liked as much so I was going through my bottles and I found it again and decided to throw it in the tank. That perfume flavor was back! I tried switching coils/tanks but to no avail. More like cologne though.Needless to say It was disgusting and pretty much ruined that flavor for me! Being a more experienced vaper I learned that old juice doesn’t taste the same after a while even if kept in the dark/cold/dry. Something about the nicotine breaking down or the flavoring going bad. It gets darker and thicker and should probably be thrown out.
    With that being said, my fiance had this happen to her with a NEW bottle of juice. Bubba’s Grape if I remember correctly. I definitely think it has something to do with the sweeteners as it had a totally Nutra-sweet type flavor to it. But the Perfume-Cologne flavor is mostly caused by the nicotine. This is just a guess and I also really wish I knew why it did this. I also hope you never have that happen to you again either! I have a question though, was it a fruit flavor or tobacco type or dessert type?