Extend The Life Of Your Batteries



Internal Batteries

Internal batteries, such as pen-style e-cigarette batteries, are charged using a threaded or micro USB cable charger.

You can prolong the life of your internal batteries using these precautions:

Keep Your Batteries Clean

Keeping your battery away from dirt, liquid and excessively low or high temperatures is very important. E-liquid may sometimes leak from your tank, dust can form inside of the threads, and dirt from your hand can transfer to your device. Even small amounts of any of these can create problems. For example, liquid between the connecting parts of your battery and tank can prevent them from forming a connection, or dirt can find itself blocking the airflow, making it much harder to draw air through your e-cigarette and, in some cases, even preventing it from functioning at all. We recommend keeping your battery clean using a toothpick, cotton swab, alcohol pad, or Q-tip.

Use Your E-Cigarette Frequently

Just like the human body, the more you use your e-cigarette, the better it runs. The battery is designed for frequent use, and the more you use it, the easier it is for the power to flow through the cell. To increase efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your battery, make sure you run it at least every other day to keep the cell active.

Keep Your Batteries Safe And At Room Temperature

Dropping your e-cigarette, even very softly, can render it completely useless; a carrying case can also help to keep it safe from fall damage.

The ideal temperature for storing your battery is between 68º F (20º C) and 77º F (25º C). Avoid temperatures below 32°F (0° C) and above 125° F (50° C). The worst thing that can happen to a lithium-ion battery is for it to be subjected to elevated temperatures while fully charged. For example, it can be harmful to leave or charge your mobile device in a hot car. Heat is by far the most important factor to consider when trying to maximize lithium-ion battery life.

Don’t Store Your Batteries Uncharged

Internal batteries are usually delivered pre-charged by the manufacturer, because batteries that are stored with no charge for long periods will eventually dry out. The ideal charge for storing lithium-ion batteries is 70%, where they maintain their maximum energy storing potential. Storing your battery with more or less than this charge percentage decreases its lifespan dramatically. We recommend that you charge it to 70% before storing it.

Discharge Fully After Each 30 Charge Cycles

Battery experts suggest that you completely discharge your battery once for every 30 charge/discharge cycles. Without this full discharge, the continuous partial discharging of your battery will create a condition called “digital memory”, decreasing the accuracy of the device’s power gauge. To perform a full discharge, use the product until the battery runs out completely, and then recharge. The power gauge will be recalibrated afterward .

Removeable Battery Cells

External Charging

In addition to all of the points listed above, the lifespan of a removable battery (like an 18650 battery) can be extended by charging the cells on an external battery charger, rather than through the device itself. When charged outside of the device, removable battery cells are able to charge to their max capacity without draining any of their power into the device. Batteries charged on an external charger have better performance and a longer lifespan than their in-device charged counterparts.

Using Battery Cases For Transportation

It is especially important to keep your batteries safe while transporting them. If the positive and negative ends of the cell are exposed and touch any metallic item (keys, coins, etc.) it may cause the batteries to discharge completely, which can lead to battery damage and bodily harm. Using a battery case that secures and covers both ends of the battery will prevent accidental discharge and keep you, and your batteries, safe.

See more about internal and removable batteries in the video below.

How Long Will My E-Cigarette Last?

Be sure to never have your device plugged in charging overnight! This can overcharge your batteries which damages them and minimizes their life.


Well that pretty much answered my unasked question i just stsrted vaping its the lesser of the 2 evils as far as smoking goes but i bought a v8 baby beast starter kit held a chsrge all day first week but i didnt know u werent suppossed to leave it charging all nite which i did now it goes dead after about 3 hours and the lite doesnt blink a bunch of times it just stops working


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