GreenLightVapes G9 TC Port Review



By Sean Brady @ 180 Smoke

The G9 TC Port from GreenLightVapes is a herbal concentrate vaporizer that promises the functionality of a traditional dab rig in a portable electronic device.

“Dabbing” or “hitting a dab” is the process of vaporizing zero residue herbal concentrates by physically dabbing it onto a preheated titanium, quartz, or ceramic surface (various designs include the nail, domeless nail, bucket, and skillet) and inhaling the extremely potent, concentrated vapor through a small bong-type unit in one powerful draw. This normally requires the use of a blowtorch—which can be intimidating—or an e-nail with an electronic coil tethering you to a wall.

Cross-compatible herbal vaporizers can be very effective at vaporizing concentrates, but the process is gradual. And a “wax pen” or “concentrate cartridge” is incredibly portable, but slowly vaporizes product as it wicks to the coil. While these devices do work, the difference in potency and length of time to process can be an inconvenience for users, especially patients such as myself.


The G9 TC Port consists of a glass recycling bubbler that slides over the top of a temperature-controlled base, surrounding the interchangeable nail head like a wide dome with a magnetic carb cap. A 3000mAh 18650 cell is included, powering 12-15 sessions before needing to be charged—the micro USB port can be used to charge the cell in the device, but an external charger is recommended. Swapping in a fresh cell will allow you to power unlimited sessions.

Operating the device is simple:
Click the power button 5 times to turn the device on/off
Hold the + & - buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds to select the nail type
Use the +/- buttons to change the desired temperature
Click the power button 3 times to start/stop the heating cycle

The LED screen displays the desired temperature, current temperature, nail type selected, session timer, puff counter, and battery life. Once the base reaches the desired temperature, the device will beep, and it will stop heating after a maximum total session time of 60 seconds.

Between being a heavy medical user and wanting to really test what this unit could do, I set it at the max temp of 800°F and hit it with some relatively large dabs of shatter and dry wax—some as big as 0.15g, but most in the area of 0.08-0.1g. I found that from a cold start, it took almost the entire cycle time for the nails to fully heat, so I’d let a cycle run about 45 seconds before quickly starting it over and hitting the dab 15-20 seconds through the second cycle once the nail was ready, in order to have time to finish the dab.

The threading on the nails is solid and slides over the heating post, firmly attaching to the base. I found all of the nail heads performed well, with some differences based on size and composition. The 9mm titanium head heated the fastest and retained heat well, but was easily overwhelmed because of its small size. The 11mm ceramic nail head heated a bit slower to heat than the titanium, and could physically hold more, but I noticed that the heat dissipated fairly quickly—I found larger dabs overwhelming, but smaller dabs were incredibly flavorful. The 13mm quartz head could hold the most, but the heat dissipated even faster than the ceramic nail, so the dab would start powerfully and end lighter and more flavorful. The 13mm silicone carbide nail took the longest to heat but also retained it well, making for an overall smooth dab on even the largest tests.

Overall, I’m blown away. The TC Port works exactly as advertised - a true dab experience with no blowtorch or power cord necessary. As a heavy user who’s found themselves packing a blowtorch for an outing more times than I can count, I’m beyond thankful for the convenience it provides me to medicate on multiple levels. Fast, easy, and discreet when compared to a flaming torch, the TC Port has quickly become my go-to, on-the-go dab rig.

Flavor: 9/10
Functionality: 10/10
Durability: 8/10

Overall: 9/10

Grab the GreenLightVapes G9 TC Port!