Help how to fix smoke stick plus kit



How to change the charging usb socket cause it had broken ?

how to open this kit ? plz helpp​:pensive::slightly_frowning_face:


Unfortunately you’re unable to change the micro USB port on vape devices. You are however able to unscrew the tank and put it on another device/mod. I would recommend getting a mod that uses a single 18650.

The tank for your kit is the SMOK micro tfv4 plus tank, like all SMOK tanks it’s a top fill with hinges. On the top of tank if you see a small engraving that say open with the aorrow pointing at a direction. If you push the top of tank to the direction of the arrow it should open the tank.


You can also purchase a bay charger for your batteries and charge them externally. The cost ranges from $20-$40 depending on the model and how many charging slots.


@Alissaburton you’re right, but that would only apply to kits with removable battery cells. In the case of internal batteries, the only option is USB charging unfortunately.


Thanks for specifying melissa!