Help Needed


I am trying to get my SMOK MAG 225w to work I have had it on a charger all day and it seems as if it is not charging and I can not get it to come on. Any assistance on what I should do will be appreciated… Thanks


@David_Stephens Have you been able to turn it on since you got it? Did this just start happening recently?


How are you charging the device? Via Micro USB or through a external battery charger


That was going to be my next question lol.


Do you have spare batteries by any chance? If you do have an extra set, see if it’s doing the same thing. If you’re micro usb charging your device it could also affect the charging level for the device. In that case you will need an external charger. But if you already have one then try and see the condition of your batteries (any dents, scratches, skin ripping off, e-liquid around it). If you can come to any 180 smoke we can def check out the issue