HELP Please



Hi, I’ve got loads of capers, pens tanks, Eleanor round ones etc , & I haven’t a clue what they actually are , what coils they need, what correct batteries they need etc. for eg. I bought a. K something off of amazon…I thought I was getting the whole kit n kaboodle but I had to buy the tank thing, batteries n I haven’t a clue what to set it on. Can I take a pic of them n upload it on hear so perhaps u could kindly advise me? I haven’t even used the one from Amazon, I can’t seem to get a decent puff out of it! Lol, I’ve been on your website for hours & I think it’s brill! V informative, great questions. I only knew I had an Eleanor cos I saw it on an answer. V Soz for the long post, should’ve I gone on a blog have u a blog? Thanks kay rosalyn xx


It’s kay Rosalyn, 1st I meant vapers, then ELEAF, & then ELEAF again lol!! sorry xx


@Kayrosalyn is there any way that you could post photos of the vapes on here? With that, we could probably figure out what you’ve got and what you need. :smiley:


Definetly would be very helpful to upload a pic! If you can, for the tank to disassemble the parts and see if you can find the coil which would be attached to the tank. Another tip would be if the kits you purchased, to looks for any writing of the name on it. You could also YouTube it as well to take a look on it. But either way, take a pic of everything, it’ll be helpful! Also, depending what device you have, the amount of vapor can vary.