i’m 20 but still live at home, i quit smoking to vaping but my parents still hate me vaping and know the smell of the juices. My friend mentioned the best way to have no smell is to vape in the shower and exhale into the water. Will this leave no smell or will the heat make the smell stick more in my bathroom? Please help urgent


the best thing to do would be to vape an e-liquid with no flavor if you want to cut out the smell issue altogether. vaping in the bathroom has little effect due to the fact that if you have a hot shower you only increase the water density in the air which makes the smell linger longer. you might have to get a device that produces a lot less vapor so, the smell isn’t as strong but once your vaping flavors it will smell for a bit.


it should work and the reason I say that is because (sorry for the reference) whenever I take a really stinky sh*t I turn the shower on hot and it eliminates the smell almost instantly.