Hissing noise SMOK V8


My SMOK V8 that I’ve had for about a year just started making a very faint “hissing” noise when I charged it. It’s the original cord that came with it. I’ve never heard it before. Does anyone know why this is happening and what I should do about it??? I’m new here so hopefully someone can help me out! Thank you!!! :v:


@jennlynn Just to double check, the device isn’t firing while it’s charging, is it? Like, the button isn’t stuck down or anything?


I had a friend’s JUST start doing that same thing & it just kept doing it more and more often -& she took it in to the store-& they told her it was malfunctioning - - they said she would need her receipt and to mail it in- for warranty!
Good luck !


You can try to change the USB port & wall adapter with another one and see if it’s doing the same. If it’s continuing, it could possibly be a defect.