How can I quit or reduce e-cig / vaping & nicotine?




I am trying to quit vaping slowly and move towards non-nicotine (and then stop vaping all together at some point), and have put in some strategies in place, and would love any advice from you.

I have been vaping for 4 years. Started at 15-19mg.
I am already at 3mg to 1.5mg nic stage.
Takes me 4-5 days a 30mL bottle now.
Usually vape at lower end of the wattage for cooler and less vapor.
Sometimes I leave my device at work to not vape at home. (but then I make up for it other times :slight_smile:)

Any additional suggestions, or questions welcome. I would love to be nicotine free and not crave it any more. I don’t think its a serious problem for me but I have quit alcohol and now I want to quit vaping too, just for the sake of it.

Vaping has really been great for me over the last years and I am happy that I am at a stage where I can start working towards nicotine free life. Just a few years ago it was imPOSSIBLE, or so I thought.

thanks the good doctor.


Sometimes cutting out nicotine completely can affect you psychologically if you know you’re vaping with no nic. I would go back and forth between your nic’d juice and 0mg juice. Maybe put them in clear unicorn bottles so you’re not always reminded of how much nicotine you’re getting. (Also having a secondary tank might be handy for this).

Leaving your vape at home is a great way to detach from a habit. I’d continue doing that for longer and longer stretches if possible.

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself during this period. Your body is physically accustomed to receiving constant doses of nicotine, and so you might experience some discomfort or irritability. Reward yourself for your successes, and take care of your physical and emotional needs. Having a team of supportive people surrounding you is also a great way to keep your spirits up, even if it’s just on a forum like this!


thank you for asking.

I am hoping to do the same. I am on and off with vaping and nicotine. But generally speaking I think going in the right direction.

Any other ideas or suggestions are super welcome!


Try non-nic (zero nicotine) harsh tobacco flavors to slowly get used to non nic, or rather flush out nicotine from your body, and may be that will help.


I would also start mixing a 0mg with a 1.5mg ejuice to further reduce your dependence on nicotine.


I personally found this advice from will on Facebook really helpful. Specifically, increasing nicotine and vaping fewer times. I actually vape less just thinking about the harshness.


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