How Do I Find The Wattage Range Of My Coil?



Using the correct wattage/voltage range for your coil and tank is crucial to your overall vaping experience and satisfaction.

Using a wattage or voltage that is too low for your coil’s resistance can lead to flooding, leaking, and subpar vapour production, whereas using too high of a wattage or voltage will likely burn your coil, leaving a bitter burnt flavour in your mouth.

All tanks and coils are different, so there is no one-wattage-fits-all. You’ll want to ensure that you are always firing your coil within the correct range to keep both you and your vape happy.

You can find the wattage/voltage range of your coil using the three methods listed below.

Look at the coil itself

Most coils will display the recommended power range directly on the coil head itself. On some tanks, you can view this through the glass of the tank, but some coils will need to be removed from the tank in order to view this recommended range. Here are some examples:

Here you can see that the recommended wattage range is 40-60 watts.

Whereas this coil has a range of 30-80 watts.

This coil displays that its total wattage range is 50-100 watts, but it works best at 120-180 watts.

Check the coil’s packaging

Some manufacturers will list the recommended wattage/voltage range right on the packaging. You should be able to find this information near where the resistance of the coil is displayed.

For example, here is the recommended wattage range for the Aspire Cleito 0.27 ohm coils:

As you can see from this photo, the wattage range for the Aspire Cleito 0.27 ohm coils is 40-55 watts.

When in doubt, ask the Internet

If you’re unable to find the recommended wattage or voltage range directly on the coil or on the coil’s packaging, it may be a good idea to do your own research. Many vapers have likely had the same question as you, and so you may be able to find the recommended wattage/voltage range on vaping forums or the manufacturer’s website.


Usually the wattage is on the side of your coil regardless of IF it came in your box with your tank/kit or if you bought a new pack of coils. In the event that there isn’t a labeled coil from your box or kit/tank box, double check the box itself, usually on the side or on the back.
Just a short tip, the lower the ohms the higher the wattage is :slight_smile: