How do I properly use Ni80 without burning my lungs?


Every time I use nickel, I mess up something and can’t figure it out. I’ve heard the material heats up a certain way to allow better flavor delivery of the juice. Essentially, the issue I’m running into is this burning, hot metallic taste in my mouth and lungs. I need help.


What settings are you using with the Ni80? Are you using a RDA, if so what device are you using with your RDA?


I never use Ni80 coil,Are you using a RDA and building coils?
If yes, there are some tools to make building coils easy, like ohm’s law, vapers will be able to calculate pinpoint-accurate voltage, wattage, resistance, current and power from providing just two simple values.


Building with Ni80 is a little different from building coils using kanthal, nichrome or stainsteel. Nickel, just like titanium wire, has to be run under temperature control setting or else you can potentially get nickel poison from the metal.


Ni80 is different from Ni200, Ni200 is pure Nickel.Ni80 is alloy
As for use, because Ni80 wire is soft, heating quickly, most people use Ni80 for lower ohm building, especially for twisted builds, What’s more,most temperature control devices are programmed to follow the heat coefficient of that wire, however Ni80 doesn’t have a perfectly predictable temperature coefficient curve, due to its other alloy ingredient.
Some people allergic to nickel, these people can not use any wires contains nickel ingredient, Ni80, Ni200, nichrome