How Does Automatic Inhale Activation Work?



Some electronic vaporizers, such as our Cloud Maker Nano or 180 Smoke E-cigar are automatically activated when you inhale through the device. As soon as you stop pulling air through the device, the battery will disengage and stop vaporizing. The control lies in the battery component of these devices.

Automatic batteries are activated by a switch that responds to the pressure created when you inhale. It typically takes less than a second for the battery to recognize this pressure and turn on, producing vapour. This means you do not have to press a button to activate the device.

Best way to use these batteries is to inhale slowly and steadily, but with enough pressure to keep the battery activated. Most batteries have an activation cut-off, which is normally around 10 seconds. This is to ensure that the atomizer does not overheat. If you are taking too many puffs too quickly, the atomizer and tank area of your device might begin to feel hot. We strongly suggest you give your device a 10-15 second rest after every 2-3 puffs so it continues to work optimally.