How Long Will My E-Cigarette Last?



The lifespan of an e-cigarette depends highly on a number of factors, most importantly the type of battery the device uses and how the device is maintained.

##Type of Battery

Internal Battery

An internal or “fixed” battery device will typically last 3 to 6+ months before you may begin to notice a decline in performance. This can vary based on usage and charge cycles.

Removeable Battery

Removeable, rechargeable battery cells, such as 18650 batteries, can last anywhere between 6 to 18+ months. Devices which require removeable batteries are recommended for heavier smokers, as they can be switched out more regularly to provide full battery life. These devices often fare better long-term because once a battery cell has lost its ability to hold a charge, it can be replaced and disposed of appropriately.



Most clearomizers use cotton to transport liquid to the atomizer. Over time, the fabric wears out, and residue can build up in the coil. A coil will typically last 1-4 weeks, but this lifespan is heavily dependent on usage. A coil’s lifespan can be extended by always letting your atomizer soak after filling the tank with e-liquid, and only pushing the firing button of your battery when you’re ready to inhale. This will not only increase life of coil, but also the quality of vapour.

Tanks can also be rinsed with warm water to clear off any e-liquid residue. This is most convenient to do when changing your coil, as the coil is already being removed. DO NOT rinse your coil under water; this can ruin the cotton and reduce performance.

Many tanks also have glass exposed, which can easily break if dropped. You’ll want to avoid dropping your e-cigarette, as this can damage vital components. You can also use a vape band as a buffer to protect your tank’s glass if dropped.


Taking good care of your batteries is also an important part of maintaining your device overall. You can find out more about battery care here.


I personally own about 15 different vapes and from experience I recommended to never charge internal batteries vapes overnight. This drains the batter because they don’t have a cut off setting when fully charged.
For example: I have a Cloud Maker Plus, it was my first vape, and after 3+ years its still works, of course I do notice the decline in the battery life. From the pen lasting me a whole day to currently it only last me half a day.
With Removable batteries, they last around 6 months to a 1 year before I have to replace them. Charging them in the external battery charger help prolong the life span as well because the charger will charge them to it’s fully 100% and it have a cut off setting when the battery is fully charge, so I can charge my batteries over night without worrying about them.
I do recommend to not let your battery go down to 3.5V or under. If the battery does go under 3.5V, not long that it would take longer to charge but it would potentially cause a short circuit or even vent the battery. A lot of newer devices will indicate how long the battery is or any battery charger will indicate it as well.