How many drops will it take?


I need to know how many drops of nicotine it takes to have 18mg in my 100ML bottle of


I couldn’t tell you how many drops because that depends on a few factors. The size of the drops, and mainly the strength of your “base” liquid. The bottle of nicotine you have should tell you the strength.
I use this site to help me when I mix my own.

If you already have flavoured juice & just want to add nicotine, just don’t add any flavours in the calculator.
If you have nothing (scale or syringe) - it will be kinda hard to figure out how many grams or ml of nicotine liquid too add so you will need to pick up a “kitchen scale” that will use .00. Otherwise you can probably get a “dull” syringe at the pharmacy. Just explain it is for measuring small amounts of liquids for mixing e-liquid & not for injecting so it cannot be sharp.
Hope that helps.