How Much Money Will I Save With Vaping?



If you’re a regular smoker, you’ve likely watched as your wallet thinned from buying pack after pack of cigarettes. And with the rising cost of traditional cigarettes, it’s quickly becoming an unaffordable expense.

So the question is posed:

Can Vaping Be Less Expensive Than Smoking?

The answer is yes!

Let’s say you smoke a pack per day, and each pack costs you $10.

At the end of each month, you would be spending an average of $300.

That’s $3,600 per year, and all of it up in smoke.

Now let’s consider vaping. This figure is a little harder to estimate, since it is highly dependent on your personal needs and the style of device you want.

The average initial investment for a device is around $80

A bottle of e-liquid goes for around $20, and will last for a week on average (longer for smaller devices that produce less vapour).

A pack of 5 spare coils for your device will cost around $20 (once again, this is dependent on your device) and will last for an average of 2 weeks per coil. So that’s 10 weeks per pack.

So, for vaping, the calculation would look as follows:


  • (20 x 52) = 1,040
  • (20 x [52/10]) = 104

Total cost of vaping per year = $1,224
That’s a difference of $2,376 per year!

Of course, these numbers are estimated figures and may be more or less depending on the device you choose, as well as your vaping habits. Either way, it’s very clear that smoking cigarettes does nothing for your health, or your wallet.


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