How Much Nicotine Should I Use?



This is a question often asked by customers who are new to e-cigarettes. Often, these new customers will become regular clients if they receive the proper guidance and information.

Most often, new vapers will try to associate nicotine strengths of e-liquid with how much nicotine is contained in one cigarette. Unfortunately, this is not possible, nor is it an optimal method of measurement.

Nicotine in e-liquid is measured by percentage of pure nicotine in comparison to the volume of the e-liquid per millilitre. For example, an e-liquid with 6mg nicotine would contain 0.6% pure nicotine per millilitre. Cigarettes generally don’t have a posted amount of nicotine, and an estimated 1-4mg of nicotine can be in each cigarette, their lack of precision make equivalency incredibly difficult to determine. Nicotine strength is more accurately compared to the amount of cigarettes smoked on average per day, rather than each individual cigarette.

Nicotine dispersion is also dependent upon the style of device used. For example, a device which produces high amounts of vapour inhaled directly into the lungs (i.e., a sub-ohm device) will cause nicotine to be absorbed into the bloodstream more effectively as there is a higher volume of vapour. A device designed to be inhaled first into the mouth and then to the lungs generally produces less vapour, and it is reasonable to use more. The user’s device of choice is absolutely imperative when recommending nicotine strengths.

Mouth-to-Lung Devices

In terms of mouth-to-lung devices, where vapour is drawn into the mouth before being inhaled to the lungs, e-cigarette users will need more nicotine to achieve optimal absorption. These guidelines are based on any “pen style” device, or a digital device being used from 8-15 watts.

Generally, the recommendations of nicotine strengths for mouth-to-lung devices are as follows:

18mg/ 1.8% Nicotine – Full Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (25) or More

12mg/ 1.2% Nicotine – Half Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (10-15)

6mg/ 0.6% Nicotine – Quarter Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (5-10)

3mg/ 0.3% Nicotine – Less Than Quarter Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (<5)

0mg/ 0% Nicotine – Zero Cigarettes Per Day

Direct-Lung (Sub-Ohm) Devices

Direct-to-lung devices will produce a larger volume of vapour per inhale, meaning that the nicotine will be more effectively dispersed into the body. Use of higher nicotine strengths is strongly discouraged, since the user would be consuming far more nicotine than they would have with cigarettes.

Recommendations of nicotine strengths for direct-to-lung (sub-ohm) devices are as follows:

18mg/ 1.8% Nicotine – NOT RECOMMENDED

12mg/ 1.2% Nicotine – NOT RECOMMENDED

6mg/ 0.6% Nicotine – Full Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (25)

3mg/ 0.3% Nicotine – Half Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (10-15)

1.5mg/ 0.15% Nicotine – Less Than Half Pack of Cigarettes Per Day (<10)

0mg/ 0% Nicotine – Zero Cigarettes Per Day

*All nicotine recommendations and comparisons are based on anecdotal experience. Appropriate nicotine levels may vary based on the device used, brand and flavour of e-liquid, as well as personal factors.

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The ideal goal is to match the amount of nicotine you are taking in on a regular basis through cigarettes with the milligram of nicotine in the eliquid. As previously mentioned the body absorbs about 1mg of nicotine per cigarette. With eliquid, each millilitre of liquid contains the indicated nicotine content on the bottle. For example, when using a 6mg liquid in a 4mL tank, the nicotine content of the tank is 24mg of nicotine, the equivalent to 24 cigarettes. Tank Capacity x Nicotine Content = # of Cigarettes.


So that means if I’m vaping 18 ml of 6mg juice I’m vaping 108 mg a day?



It would be 18ml at 0.6mg per millilitre, so:

18 x 0.6 = 10.8mg per day. :smiley:


So that means If i Smoke 5 ml of liquid a day with 0.6% of nicotine is 3 mg/day ?! :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


if you’re using a 6mg ejuice and vaping 5ml a day, it would mean that you’re absorbing 30mg per day.
0.6% of nicotine = 6mg per ml.
6mg x 5ml = 30mg per day