How To Clean Your Rebuildable Coils



*Note: These tips are meant only for rebuildable coils on RDAs, RDTAs or RBAs. It is not recommended to clean factory-made coils for tanks.

After using self-built coils for a few days, you might notice that they aren’t as pristine as they once were. At this point, the flavour might change or the coils will turn black because of the e-liquid residue. Fortunately, there’s a relatively easy way to clean off your coils so they look (almost) as good as new.

1. Remove the wick — Pull the cotton gently out of your coil so that the coil is bare.

2. Dry burn your coils — Hold down the fire button until your coils are glowing, and keep them glowing for about 10 seconds. This will burn off any residue left by the e-liquid or cotton.

3. Run your coils under water — Or, if you choose, you can dunk your coils into a cup of water. Either way will work, you just want to make sure that the water does not get on your mod at all, otherwise it could damage your batteries and/or your entire mod. If you’re running your coils under water, tilt your device so that only the coils are in the path of the water. Dry off any water that might have gotten on your mod as quickly as possible, and allow your coils to dry before proceeding.

4. Rewick — Once your coils are dry, you’ll notice that they look a lot cleaner than they did before. Now it’s time to rewick and continue on as usual.

Coils that are cleaned routinely can last up to a month or more. If you notice any rust, it’s recommended to change your coils out.


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