I got VAPE juice where I plug the charger


My Smok VAPE pen plus just keeps blinking blue when I push the button… I think I got VAPE juice where I plug the charger in.



Does your vape respond when it’s plugged in (indicate that it’s charging?)

Also, you’ll want to make sure that your coil is secured (but not too tight!) so that it recognizes a connection.


@Ashl A flashing light indicates the coil isn’t being recognized, usually due to loose connection and sometimes due to a coil failure/burnout. First ensure the coil is making a clean and secure connection. If the problem persists try a new coil, remembering to prime it before trying to fire.

Let us know how it works out. Good luck!


I took the coil out. Just trying to charge the battery, there is a red light that shows the batteries charging but then it shuts off and when I push the vape button the blue light continues to blink.



Have you tried reinstalling the coil? I would recommend doing that before trying again.