I Just Got My Mod Today, And It Won’t Turn On?


I have the S-priv kit. I understand that it has to be charged. When I first charged it, it powered on and the LED lights starting flashing and whatnot, I saw the display screen. Then it went dark, and it wouldn’t turn back on. I then left my house, so I took it to charge at my friend’s, and every time I would plug it in, the screen would glow but nothing else would happen. It’s been charging for about an hour and a half, and still nothing. It won’t turn on. I wanted to be sure it was even charging, so I unplugged it and plugged it back in, and the screen is no longer even lighting up. I owned another vape before, so I feel I know enough. I tried unlocking it with the five clicks, and it just won’t do anything.


Are you charging the batteries through the micro-USB port on the device or are you charging the batteries through a external battery charger?

Since the SMOK S-priv kit is a dual batteries kit, I would highly recommend charging your batteries (18650) through an external battery charger. Charging through the micro-USB port is not recommended because it can potentially damage not only the computer chip but also charge the 18650 incorrectly. I would also make sure your batteries are married, meaning that the two batteries (18650) you’re using is discharging and recharging at the same time. If one of the batteries was previously used in another mod/device then discharge and recharge rate would be different.
Here is a link about battery safety:

If the problem continues, then I would recommend bringing back the kit to the store you purchased it and see if they have a warranty, if not you can also try contacting SMOK about the device as I believe they have a 30-60 days warranty on their products.