iJoy Wondervape RDA Unboxing, Build & Review



The mic battery died out on us during filming, but this video was too good not to share! Take a look at our unboxing, build, and review of the the beautiful iJoy Wondervape RDA!


Hey guys!

Just wanted to chime in on this RDA review as I personally have used it myself. I’ve had it for 2 months now and I can gladly say this is one of the best RDAs I have used in a while.

If you prefer wide airflow with hot, 130W+ builds, this RDA can really pack a punch and produce large amounts of vapor. Personally, I like to have more mellow flavors than most, so a build like 22 Gauge Kanthal with 6 wraps at 3mm are perfect.

Putting fused claptons, aliens or any other complex build really allows you to rip to 150W+ no problem, as long as you can handle the heat. The flavor from a powerful build like so is phenomenal because of the combination airflow (side and bottom).

A few pointers though:

  • Make sure you wick it thick and string out the ends of your cotton so it wicks better.
  • Dialing your side airflow makes a huge difference
  • Drip lightly: it’ll leak from the bottom airflow if you don’t.
  • The cap can be a bit tight, you’ll need to break it in.

Finally, the Ultem drip tip is top-notch.