iJust S Review: A great cloud chasing vape pen!


The new Eleaf iJust S has recently come into our store as Bloor & Islington. As a new contender for the pen style devices, the iJust S features large airflow, a 3000 mah battery and uses the new ECL coils from Eleaf.

The iJust S is a great device if you are looking for a small formfactor, pen style e-cigarette that can deliver great flavor and cloud production. This isn’t Eleaf’s first pen, and the iJust S is an iteration of an already great design. For reference, a spec sheet is below:

* Diameter: 24.5mm
* Height: 139.0mm
* Battery capacity: 3000mAh
* E-juice capacity: 4mL
* Resistance: 0.15ohm-3.5ohm 

The kit comes with tons of accessories: a large variation of coils, a USB cable and an AFC (airflow control ring). The AFC also acts as a vape band that can protect your device for drops. The tank that comes with the kit is a large, 24.5mm tank with a 4ml capacity and tons of airflow to allow for big cloud production in a small package. The battery is rated at 3000mah, which should allow you to get through the day vaping and keeping you off cigarettes.

And finally, the best thing of all is the robust design Eleaf has implemented over the last iterations of iJust devices. I have personally used the iJust 2, and the S is just that much better.

This is basically my short review, if there are any questions regarding this device, I would love to follow up and answer some questions!



The iJust S can also use Aspire Triton, Atlantis, and Atlantis Evo coils, but I do recommend using the EC (Eleaf coils) for the best cloud and flavor production.


I’m not usually a huge fan of set wattage/voltage devices, but I’m a big fan of the Eleaf EC coils. These are the same coils as the Pico 75w device too, right?


Yes they are :slightly_smiling_face:


They def. don’t pack the Pico’s punch but under the circumstance and pricing, it does fair pretty well :wink:


Ah, I see. I was thinking about getting a pen-style so it would be a little more pocket friendly for summer. Would you recommend the Aspire K4 over the iJust S?


I personally would, but I know a couple of my coworkers who stand by the K4. I find the iJust S does provide slightly better flavor and vapor production, but it’s basically negligible as both devices are great.

I would say it comes down to visual preference for that decision :slight_smile: