IPV Mini 2 Atomizer Problem



Hello; Im having a problem where whenever i turn my vape on without the atomizer; It will turn on just fine. But when i turn my vape on with the atomizer it will not get passed the turn on screen. then if you push a button the screen will glitch out and it will display the turn on logo again and turn off. Can anyone here help? (Charges just fine by the way)


Does it still fire when you push the fire button?

The IPV Mini 2 had a common screen problem, where the ribbon connection to the screen would become loose over time. Unfortunately, if it is a computer chip or connection problem, there isn’t much you can do to fix it since this model have been discontinued so finding parts for it would be hard.

Since the IPV Mini 2 is a external battery mod. you can actually save the 18650 and put that into a new single battery mod.


well i actully dropped it a couple secconds ago… now it turns on with the Atomizer but it still says Check Atomizer; or every now and then it will say Mobile: On


The IPV Mini has a ‘mobile mode’ where it will charge your phone using an optional cord which attaches to the 510. To get out of this mode, try pressing/holding the up and down buttons at the same time.


Okay; it’s out of mobile mode; the atomizer is on; but it says check atomizer; Which it is on and it’s on tight. but it wont work; any thoughts on why? OH in the past the peace the hold the whole chamber popped out; but the wires weren’t damaged at all… just put it back in and now its snug again. any thoughts?


Guys no one need to post in this thread anymore; my glass broke and i don’t feel like spending money to get a new one lol. Thanks for all the help up to this point! i really appreciate it