Looking for new Mod starter kit that does MTL hits


One product I have in my sights is the Eleaf Istick Pico Resin 75W. However I’m not sure if it’s DTL or MTL. I believe I prefer MTL, as I used to enjoy cigarettes. How can I tell what the mod provides?

Also, has anybody experienced Eleaf products before? How was it? Is there a better starter kit on a good discount? I’m not necessarily interested in customization or anything, just a simple mid wattage mod that delivers MTL. I also never understood what types of coils to buy…? I’d prefer the healthiest option, which might be ceramic??



@hewcumber Hi Sean, the Eleaf iStick Pico kit is a DTL device. But if you’re just looking at the mod on its own, it can be used with any MTL tank you wish, as long as the tank is 22mm diameter or smaller.

Eleaf products are generally really good! However, if you’re looking for a full MTL kit, I think an Aspire would do better for you. Something like the Aspire Zelos kit: https://www.180smoke.com/aspire-zelos-50w-kit

In terms of coils, it’s arguable that ceramic coils actually aren’t any better than others because ceramic particles can be present in the vapour and inhaled. Usually the coils you’ll need will be dictated by the tank you have, so figure out which device you’d like first.


You’re suggestion looks awesome. I’ve only ever used DTL so I worry once I get my hands on the Aspire that I might not like it. Ill let you know if I go with it!


I’ve also been reading into it a bit, and apparently MTL should aim for more PG than VG, something to do with the thickness and it not burning correctly leading to dry hits more often.


Could you help me understand the different modes? With the aspire it can be switched to 6 different settings: VV, VW, Bypass, Ni, Ti, and SS. I’m assuming this is different settings for different coils? I’m not sure.


I agree with Melissa, the Aspire zelos kit is a great easy to use mtl kit. You could also look into the Aspire Nx30 rover kit, or pairing any internal/external battery mod such as the eleaf pico, pico 25, pico 21700 or vaporesso tarot nano with a mtl tank such as the Aspire nautilus/nautilus mini, nautilus 2, or nautilus x tanks. You are also correct that generally higher pg ratios such as a 50/50, 60/40 (vg/pg) are better for most mtl tanks as the pg is thinner and wicks into the cotton in the coil better with lower powered mtl device and tanks. This all depends however on how large the wicking holes are on the coil as some mtl tanks coils such as the nautilus x have larger wicking holes and should be able to handle a bit higher vg juice easily.


Thanks for the input Brandon. I did go with the Aspire zelos kit, I loved it at the start. However, it’s unusable because I’m getting burned hits off it really badly. Not dry hits, burned hits. I went with the 0.7 ohm Nautilus 2 coils and am using them at about 14watts. Even at 14 im still getting nasty burned hits but not all the time. If I go any lower then 12W then it’s to the point where im not getting any smoke off long draws so its pointless to smoke it at that rate. On the website it says i should be using my coils at 18-22watts so I tried 18W tonight and just got the worst burned hit of my life. Shits probably giving me formaldehyde. It’s unusable.


@hewcumber What kind of juice are you using in it? You’ll want to be mindful of the VG level especially. High VG juice is really thick and has a harder time absorbing into smaller MTL coils, so you’re more at risk for dry hits. I would recommend a 60VG/40VG blend for Zelos-type kits. Also, make sure that you give your coil a good 5 minutes or so to soak in the e-liquid before you vape on it.