Mag 225w smok


Someone help.
I recently got the 225w mag SMOK and the other day I changed the coil and since then I can’t get it to quit leaking through the airflow holes. I’ve taken it to an ecig shop and the guy checked the orings and I put them in correctly. And I even bought another coil and asked him to put it in. Got home and 45 minutes later it’s leaking again. Could it be the juice I’m using?! It’s banana nut bread. And it’s some that my boyfriend got from a guy who makes his own. BUT… My boyfriend has the same type of ecig I do just another color and has been using the same juice and his isn’t leaking? Any other opinions on what it could be??


What’s the VG/PG level of the juice you’re using?

What coil do you have in, and what’s the wattage setting you’re using?


I know I have the right coil and wattage set. But as for the juice I’m not sure. I’m about to leave right now to go and get more juice and see if that doesn’t fix the problem.


Coils are mass produced by the millions. Maybe it was a defective coil?


Fixed the problem. Had put the o rings on that came as a spare part. After 2 new coils and new juice. It was still leaking. Came home and put the original coils back in and no leaking since!


What @Alissaburton said is definitely a possibility as well.