Mig Vapor Sub Herb User Guide



If you’re already a vaper with a box mod and you want to get a herbal attachment that is compatible with both dry herb and concentrates, then the Mig Vapor Sub Herb would be the perfect device for you.

But because it isn’t a full device in itself, the Sub Herb does take some user knowledge and care. For this device, you’re going to want to change your method a bit based on what type of material you want to use with it.

Dry Herb

When using dry herb in your Mig Vapor Sub Herb, you’ll want to ensure that you only fill the ceramic cup to a maximum of halfway. It is recommended to grind your herb fairly lightly, as a courser grind will produce better vapour in this tank.

Mig Vapor recommends you vape dry herb at 20 watts, but this is a rough guideline. However, keep in mind that the higher you turn your wattage, the closer you are to combustion, which defeats the purpose of vaporizing.

For optimal vaporization, you’ll want to heat the ceramic coil slowly, firing it in short, constant intervals. For example, hold down the fire button for 3 seconds, and then let go and repeat. After two or three repetitions, your herb should be ready to vape.

You’ll want to avoid holding down the fire button for the maximum time your mod allows, as you then risk burning your herb and breaking the ceramic coil.

Once you have finished vaping, leave the tank to cool completely. If you remove the warm glass right away, there is a higher chance of the pyrex breaking.

After the tank has cooled, you can refill and continue to your liking.

Waxes and Oils

The Mig Vapor Sub Herb can also be used for wax and oil concentrates, but for this you’ll want to go about things a bit differently.

In the Sub Herb box, you’ll find a long strand of cotton. This is to be coiled like a snake in the bottom of the ceramic cup to absorb the concentrates you put into it.

Once the concentrate has been added to the cotton, it’s then recommended that you slowly heat the ceramic by firing in 3 second intervals at 25-26 watts. After repeating this 2 to 3 times, your concentrates should be ready to vape.

You’ll want to avoid firing your mod for long intervals to make sure that the cotton doesn’t burn and the ceramic cup doesn’t shatter.


Awesome post!


I’ve never been able to successfully dab off this thing because the cotton inevitably sticks to the wax on your tool and comes out no matter how carefully you coil it. Unless you’re gonna melt the wax and drip it onto the cotton, you can’t use this to dab.