Mod reads "atomizer too hight"


Hey, I am totally new to vaping and have had nothing but trouble since I started a few days ago… Purchsed a ceramic honey stick tank for dabs with my mod the first one read check atomizer so I returned it and purchased a 2nd one that worked just fine for a few days… went to fire it up this morning and now the display on my mod says atomizer too hight… is this something I can fix myself? When I use my tank for the liquid everything works fine… Also not sure if Im even using the proper terms here I have a pretty small understanding of how any of this works… thanks in advance I really dont want to keep dumping money into this so hopefully theres an easy solution


@Gabriel_Whetstine Usually an “Atomizer Too High” or “Ohms Too High” warning indicates that 1) the resistance of the coil is too high for the mod to read, or 2) that the connection between the mod and the coil isn’t secure enough.

Have you tried unscrewing the tank/coil off and threading it back on again? This can sometimes fix issues if they’re due to connection issues.


Hey ! Yeah… I immediately switched tanks to make sure that wasnt the issue…wouldnt ohms being too high read out during the first time i use it or not let me use it at all? I used it for 2 days without a problem… i havent touched the posts themselves aside from a quick wipe down to see if maybe the contacts were dirty… still nothing



That could then mean that either something happened when you wiped it down (something came loose for example), or it’s possible that the coil fried and now won’t read on the mod.